Deerfield Elementary

A Caring Community of Learners

In partnership with our parents, we provide an exceptional educational experience for all our students. It is our desire to meet the needs of the whole child socially and academically. We strive to have all students reach their potential and help them to be prepared to be successful in our global society. Our philosophy is to meet the needs of each individual learner. We are committed to the academic achievement of all of our students. Deerfield provides a program where schooling meets the learning styles, interests and learning stages of all students. Parents and staff are committed to ensuring a variety of opportunities for children to acquire and demonstrate what they know and are able to do. Deerfield incorporates the community's goals fr children with sound, innovative and effective research-based educational concepts.

School Profile

  • Approximately 460 students in kindergarten to fourth grade. 
  • 24 classroom teachers.
  • Engish Language Teacher
  • Art, Media, Music and Physical Education classes.
  • Support staff, including a social worker, ESL Teacher, speech and language therapist, teacher consultant Math Interventionist, Literacy and paraprofessional.
  • Active Parent-Teacher Organization.